Meet Kandee

Hi, I’m Kandee, The Fabulous Farm Wife! I’m a Mom of two teen girls, Farm Wife, Farmer, Successful Online Entrepreneur and Health Fanatic.

My days are spent enjoying time with my family, whether it’s helping my farmer around our Family Farm, hanging out with my girls, lake and beach days, movie nights, and shopping trips…. always something fun going on. On the side, my passion is my Online Global Social Retail business that I operate from my phone, anytime, anywhere. Time and Financial freedom are beautiful things.

Life has had and still has its challenges though…. as a child, at age 11, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and as an adult, diagnosed with Celiac Disease, at age 30, and Spasmodic Dysphonia, a rare voice disorder, at age 33.

Realizing that only I can control how I feel about life’s challenges, I decided to stop accepting excuses and to embrace life – every part of it – by changing how I saw my current reality. Today; I am the vibrant, outgoing, energetic and passionate soul that I have always been at my core.

I truly believe that life is too short to live in hope of one day achieving our dreams, but that our dreams are within our reach. I am passionate about empowering women to leave behind limiting beliefs and narratives that no longer serve them and to start embracing life and creating a real life that is their dream life.

Come Join Me on this Journey….

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