Stop Going Broke Trying to Impress People

Feeling like you make a great income but never have any money in the bank? Wondering how that is even possible? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Only 10% of the worlds population actually have enough money in the bank (cash) to live on for the rest of their lives. Why? Because they make a conscious effort each and every day to SAVE more than they spend! That’s the simple truth.

There is no brilliant answer, there are no get rich quick strategies, the people who save, work hard for their money and they value each $1 earned.

Having a fabulous relationship with money means you have a high respect for it! If you do not have respect for money, you will spend the rest of your life never having enough of it and being broke all the time. Earning more will only mean wanting more and in turn, spending more. It’s a vicious circle that so many people get caught in.

As a Farm Wife, I have learned that having a security blanket is very important and that means managing money in a smarter way. Something I am getting better at, but change is difficult. I am learning that living a simpler, healthier, happier life, free of money issues is something I really desire in life. So why do I have such a hard time focusing on that? Society! Sound familiar?

Society creates this belief for us that “more” means “better”. A nicer car, a bigger house, fancier clothes, designer sunglasses and shoes, right? SO WRONG! These things are just that, “THINGS”, and statistics show that most people who have expensive “THINGS” never have any money in the bank, because they always spend more than they earn! WHY do we want to be LIKE THEM? Well because……. Society doesn’t show us the “behind the scenes” footage of the flashy SHOW! We just see the flashy SHOW itself and assume all is glamorous! Right? Keep that in mind!

So…. here’s some real advice from this Fabulous Farm Wife. Spend less than you earn, save a little each day, be ready for an unpredictable future because nothing in life is guaranteed, don’t let “society” make your decisions for you, focus on what truly matters – health – family – happiness, and know that you are amazing just the way you are!

Spending money to impress people won’t change WHO you are, it will just make you BROKE.

Don’t be BROKE, just be YOU! ❤️

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