Wake Up with Intention

Are you a “multiple snooze button” pusher? Roll out of bed, now a little rushed and panicked because you have very little time to get yourself up and ready for the day? Everything seems to go wrong, you drop everything, you’re frustrated, short with the kids, quick coffee, no time for breakfast, don’t even speak to your spouse, never mind a “Good morning, I love you smooch” …… and then the rest of your day…… SHITTY?? Are you hearing me?

Why not give yourself some respect? Take some time to sit down in peace and quiet, grab a coffee or tea, a pen and paper and start writing. Why do I NOT want to get out of bed in the morning? Why do I rush through life and not take the time to enjoy it? Why are my mornings so shitty? What about my life do I LOVE? What about my life do I want to change? What would actually make me WANT to jump out of bed in the morning, instead of SNOOZE, SNOOZE, SNOOZE? I challenge you to try this……. TONIGHT.

See, life is busy, right? So busy that we forget to take the time to practice gratitude, some of us don’t even know how to practice gratitude! With the influx of pressures we receive from listening to the news, the opinions of society, other peoples opinions, the negative shit in our head…… no wonder we want to SNOOZE!


Take charge and control of YOUR life, stop giving in to the pressures you are creating in your mind. If your life is not happy and not giving you purpose to jump out of your bed in the morning and kick ass, there is a problem. Fix it or don’t fix it, it is solely up to you, my friend!

Maybe this is a good reality check for you! If so, I have succeeded! I get it, I used to be in your spot too. Until I decided one day that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way I felt day after day. I put on my big girl panties and dreamt up the life I truly wanted, and from that day forward, I woke up with INTENTION and practiced morning routines that lifted me up and made the days ahead fabulous and amazing! Now, I LIVE each day very aware of the way I think, feel and act in every moment. No more snoozing for this Farm Wife!

You may not be able to control WHAT happens to you in life, but you can damn well take charge of how you react to it, and that ain’t no BULL! Change is waiting for you, trust the Universe, take time to figure your life out and GO GET IT!

I am currently enrolled in a super cheap 7 Day Positivity course that I am so in love with. A great way to start removing the negative from your brain and replacing with the positivity you need to achieve any goals in life you have for yourself. I encourage you to check out some inexpensive mindset courses and do some personal development. Set yourself up for the change you NEED! If I can help, let’s connect.

Much Love, xoK

Mornings matter, make them count!


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