A Colourful Plate

One of the things I LOVE about country-living is the bounty of fresh produce. The beautiful colours are so rich and vibrant they make every dish come alive.

I was thinking today how we should approach life a little more like we approach cooking and meal planning – by integrating some colour and enjoyment!

If you’ve ever spent any time on creating a menu plan, you know it’s way more palatable if you include things you like eating.

Life should be like that.

Instead of sticking to a bland diet of just the day-to-day tasks and chores, mix it up a little: stop to ponder the things you are thankful for, laugh at terrible jokes, dance while you fold laundry, schedule time to do something you enjoy, pick up the phone (or even better, drop by) to chat with a friend; take as much care of yourself as you do everyone else!

Imagine how much you’d really start to enjoy life! Try adding some colour to your day-to-day and watch how vibrant it becomes.

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