A Positive Attitude

34346957_10155352280141861_1317538598811074560_nThis positive attitude that I have worked so hard to develop is apparently inspiring others to change their outlook on life. How cool do I feel? Flipping fantastic! 💖

The comments and messages I have received over the past week have been so incredibly heartwarming. “You know who you are!” 😘😘 Thank you!

Here’s the thing, society and other people’s opinions get in our heads and make us second guess ourselves. “If I do this, if I say this, if I wear this, if I eat this, what will people think of me?” Right? We are so worried about what other people will think of us or say about us, we question a lot of things that we do.


Unless of course you are thinking of doing something illegal or something that is totally not cool. Don’t do that. 😳 You know what I am saying.

Getting out of the “caring about everyone’s else’s opinions and negative feedback zone” is very very difficult. But honey, once you take hold of your own inner strength, be your true authentic self, and rise up every day to accept no negativity, your life will be HAPPY and you will feel HAPPY and positive! 💖

Imagine that! 😘 It feels pretty darn fabulous!

A journey to a positive mind is ongoing, each day being aware of staying away from the “negative shit” zone. 😬 It takes hard work, not going to lie.

I’m doing this cool 7 day Soul Warrior Cleanse course with a group of friends starting today and I can not wait until they open it up for us! Should be some time later today. It’s super cheap and sounds pretty fantastic. Anyone can take it and the guy doing the course is so awesome and full of great energy; so if you think your mind could use a “negative out, positive in” challenge, I’m pretty sure you can still sign up!

No road travelled with a companion is ever a lonely journey. Let’s do this together!

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